Bringing Occupational Medicine to You in the Workplace

Building a Healthy Workforce

Through our occupational medicine program, you enjoy convenient, single-source access to all the important services you need to help improve the health of your employees.

  • Fewer lost work days

  • Higher productivity

  • Fewer on-the-job injuries

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We’re delighted to partner with you to help keep your workforce healthy and productive. Our suite of employer health services is designed to provide increased employee safety, health and satisfaction. You can ensure your employees receive care at the most convenient and appropriate treatment level, which can reduce your overall healthcare costs.


Keeping Your Workforce Healthy

Employer Retention Is Our Cornerstone



Providing a virtual doctor's office and HIPAA-compliant clinic. We understand that job sites are often in remote areas with limited access to injury care.
We have implemented a state-of-the-art program to provide 24-hour access to knowledgeable providers that understand work-relatedness and the need for efficient assessments and follow-ups of an injured employee.


OMNI helps employers prevent injuries before they occur. That means being a partner in our patients' health and wellness journeys.

Engaging and empowering them to be active participants in their own care. And going beyond the production model of health care to create true, meaningful relationships between patients and providers.


OMNI is uniquely qualified with more than 27 years of providing occupational and environmental medicine services to industry and small business.

No matter what the industry or where you are located, OMNI is prepared to bring expertise and save more of your hard earned time and money.


We focus on the patient: getting them healthy quick with optimal results, so that they can return to work sooner, safer and stronger.

We provide you with a single point of contact supported by a diverse team of experts all focused on achieving your company’s health and wellness goals.

Medical Care for Your Entire Workforce

The cost of treating an injury or illness is higher than prevention and early intervention. That’s why Omni Telemedicine has developed an integrated, proactive approach to medical care. We believe it is one of the best ways to protect your most valuable asset — your employees.


Our approach is simple: Keep the workforce healthy and safe by offering a wide range of medical services that work together for the benefit of the employees and your company. Improve the worker’s quality of life and your company’s bottom line.


Specially Trained Providers

OMNI understands the difficulty employers face when responding to employee injuries.  OMNIs’ Tele-Triage provides 24/7 access to licensed physicians who can safely and effectively assess and recommend treatment direction for injured employees with a simple phone call.

Get a Consultation

This service offers timely facilitation and appropriate treatment direction of injured employees to the proper level of care around the clock by calling 1-866-213-5148. You will be connected with a licensed provider who is specially trained in occupational healthcare to assist in responding to injured employees.


Why Omni Telemedicine?

In today’s health care environment, employers are poised to have the greatest impact on rising costs and workforce well-being. Provider and caregiver shortages. Lack of local health care options. Hurried appointments. Long wait times. Rushed visits. More and more employers are opting to take greater control of the cost and quality of the health care provided to their employees. Your employees deserve better. And there’s no better time than now to take control and we can help.


Cost Effective

Care for your employees at the appropriate level, helping to contain healthcare costs.



We work with you to provide a total solution for your employer health and wellness needs.


Telemedicine Triage

Available 24/7 so your employees receive prompt — but never rushed — care.


Let’s talk about what Omni Telemedicine can do for your business.

From an onsite clinic at your corporate headquarters to Telemedicine solutions for a distributed workforce – we have time-tested strategies for improving the well-being of employees.